Victor Pamelard

I'm a French interactive developer. I graduated from Gobelins school in multimedia conception and production.
I worked for 3 years at anonymous, a digital production company as a web —mainly Flash— developer.
I'm now traveling and may work from time to time, I intend to focus on iOS developement.

victor.pamelard -at-

Selected works

  1. Gif Me More Power

    for MTV, with Buzzman   —   april - june 2013   —   at anonymous   —

    Gif Me More Power

    This website lets the users "tell something to the world" by making their own TV commercial. Type your message, choose a music, select your cuts from a library and order them in your timeline. Publish your film and vote for your favorites.
    I developed the flash front end and worked along with a backend developer.

    SOTD on FWA

  2. Ed Banger Land — YouTube live

    for Ed Banger Records and Greenroom Session   —   february - march 2013   —   at anonymous   —   making of by AMP

    Ed Banger Land

    We worked with Ed Banger Records, famous French electronic music label, on an interactive YouTube live broadcast of their 10th anniversary concert.
    They were 8 streams to watch, most with interactions: add light effects integrated in the video, use a mix table to overlay sounds, draw on a guy sleeping in the corner, ask questions to the field reporter, take a photo,...
    We worked with Iconoclast production company and the directors from WeAreFromLA, with AMP who filmed and managed the streams, and with YouTube to deal with the live streams and to integrate the custom channel page.

  3. Défi Ingénieurs SNCF

    for TWBA\ and SNCF   —   july - september 2012   —   at anonymous   —

    defi ingenieurs sncf homepage

    Défi Ingénieurs SNCF (SNCF engineers challenge) is a website developed for the SNCF (France train tickets) with the purpose of recuiting new engineers.
    The four challenges has been designed by SNCF engineers and TBWA, and we designed and developed the website.
    I worked on most of the flash front and also a bit on the back end part (PHP, MySQL).

  4. Teddy

    at WIF Design Challenge 2012   —   28th-29th may 2012   —   with Kim Boutin and Alexis Rollemberg (K-R-A-V team)   —   Teddy concept and prototype

    Teddy logo

    With two school friends, we took part in a design challenge at the Webdesign International Festival 2012 with 29 other teams.
    We had to imagine and develop, in 24 hours, interface prototypes for this subject: Design a prototype of a product or service that imagines the future of school.

    Teddy's user promess:

    Teddy offers children and their parents a reinterpretation of the traditionnal chooling system.
    This service offers parents the opportunity to get more involved in their children's life at schoold, in order to improve its evolution.
    They will thereby be able to follow them and their progress on a daily basis while they are studying, and also accompny and help them out.

    We won the first prize in the students category.

  5. Let your body drive — Peugeot 208

    for BETC and Peugeot   —   september - november 2011   —   at anonymous   —

    Let your body drive interface

    We developed a module for a new Peugeot car's promotional website, I woked on the game part.
    The game requires the user to activate his webcam. He is taken on a tour through doors and has to take the right position to pass them, for storing pictures for later use.
    It uses a movements detection library to check user's position.

    SOTD on FWA

  6. Mission Paris Deauville

    for TBWA Paris and SNCF   —   august - september 2011   —   at anonymous   — is no longer online

    Mission Paris Deauville homepage

    This website asks the spectator to help an undercover agent to save the world.
    I worked on interface integration and animation, my coworker on video 2D and 3D integrations, web services and game logic.

    Watch TWBA's video case study

  7. Sexy Fingers

    for JWT Paris and AIDES   —   june - juilly 2011   —   at anonymous   —   —   Sexy Fingers Android app

    Sexy Fingers website homepage

    With just a finger, you can also test for HIV.
    Sexy Fingers is an AIDES campaign promoting a new way to screen for HIV infection with your finger and with results in 20 minutes or less.

    At anonymous, we worked on the website and Android app conception, interface design and developement.
    I worked on the website's game and on the Android app's instruments and game. The app was developed using libGDX, a Java game developement framework.

    Cannes Silver Lion
    SOTM on FWA

  8. Burma

    for Burma   —   november - december 2010   —   at anonymous   —

    Burma website

    Burma is a french jewelry brand.
    I developed the front-end of their website.

  9. MixTaRoute (v1)

    for Brandy Sound and Gema Prévention   —   june - juilly 2010   —   at UZIK   — (v2)

    MixTaRoute mix table

    MixTaRoute is a Gema Prévention initiative and aims to raise awareness of the risks of the road through the music and the greatest artists of the moment.
    Visitors can remix a loop from some electro tracks. From a library of party, road and everyday sounds, you can place samples on the timeline, change their volume and pitch.
    I developed most of the v1's front-end during my intership at UZIK. After 3 months, 1174 mix was submited to the competition.

  10. Fall Up

    with Benjamin Diolez   —   april 2010   —   at school   —   Play on Kongregate

    Fall UP

    The goal of this psychedelic game is to keep the ball going up. Unlock several bonus to get more point and enjoy the power of psychedelic backgrounds.
    Use the left and right keys to move sideways.
    Game made for an OOP class at SRC Bordeaux. My coworker made the illustrations and I took care of the developement.