Veggie Pass

For veggie travelers who need to communicate their preferences to the waiter, ask about a product in a shop, etc. while traveling abroad.

I did the user interaface and app's architecture, developed the app and made the website - see technical details at the bottom. My friend Aurélien Mabilat did the graphic design.

The app is available on Apple's app store, for free.

The users can build a text in their own language.
They will choose sentences and options depending on their preferences and the situation.
And translate that into any of the 19 other languages available.

The language you need isn't there yet? Users can use our drawings to express themselves.

The 19 languages were translated by native speakers. I collect the translations through a Google form, I parse the csv with a Python script which populates a SQLite database then integrated into the app.

The app auto checks for updates online (new languages, translation updates,..) through an API written in PHP with Slim, returning JSON.

The API also has a email sending service used when the user wants to contact us and for bug reports. Using MailGun.

App written in Swift 3, with XCode.
Built with:

App's website is made with Wordpress.