Victor Pamelard

full stack developer

Front-end development

The last websites I've been working on in 2020 and 2021 are made with technologies such as:

NextJS React framework

For fast loading, cutting edge websites and the comfortable component-driven development experience. headless CMS

To build a personnalized and user-friendly interface to administrate the website.


The well-established e-commerce solution, and its Storefront API to offer a tailor-made shopping experience.

Back-end development

Lately I've been researching Django, and other projects using it.


You can make plenty of things with this Python web framework. My primary use is to build a REST or GraphQL API.


A self-hosted headless CMS based on Django.


Open source e-commerce solution as an alternative to Shopify. Made with Django as well.

But also...

Mobile app development with React Native

Experience in UI Design

HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress


Do you have a project? Get in touch!

I'm interested to collaborate on both small missions and long term projects.

victor.pamelard at gmail dot com

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